Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh to live beside the seaside....

Today we went to Aldeburgh. These beautiful buildings are on the seafront. You walk along a lovely path with the shingle on one side and gorgeous buildings like this on the other.

It was a gloriously sunny day in Suffolk today. Quite warm and lovely and bright, a perfect day to appreciate this beautiful town.

We ambled along beside the beach picking which of the many houses we would live in, dreaming of having a little place here every time we saw a TO LET sign. Walked through the high street and discussed how we could pop to the newsagent for the paper, there's a greengrocer for our food, a cute cafe called Munchies to get a coffee or hot chocolate in and rows of wonderful shops, Joules and Jack Wills and Fat Face Oh My!

We loved these little alley ways that went down beside the houses onto the high street. Should have taken a picture of one of us down
the alleyway.

So we pootled along, looked in lovely shops, found a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful tweed jacket in Jack Wills and then I looked at the price. £198 :O And then some yummy things in Joules. Finally on to the fish and chip shop, the famous Aldeburgh fish and chip shop. We sat on the front, surrounded by seagulls and lots of very cute dogs and children and enjoyed the view.

A wonderful day. Very well spent. Perfect company.

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