Friday, 27 February 2009

It's here! It's here!

Every two months the waiting begins. Selvedge is published at some point every two months and so February arrived and I was expecting the excitement of coming home and seeing a grey plastic packet waiting for me on the door mat.

Last week I saw the new copy in my local WHSmith, and yet my issue had not arrived!! I was tempted to pick it up and flick through but NO! I couldn't ruin the joy of the first flick through before I had my own copy.

Here it is. I am off to consume it before I have to go to the garden centre. Oh my the chore!! I HAVE to go to the GARDEN CENTRE! Oh save me from the pleasure haha!!


Wendy Shaw said...

You sound like a girl after my own heart. Love Selvedge, Suffolk, UK, Angie Lewin, Karen Shapley,just learnt to crochet. I can see myself coming back to you rblog. Lovely!

Jess said...

thank you for stopping by, I am ecstatic people have commented! Glad you like my blog.