Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Things are looking up!!

I have had a busy busy day. But before that I must tell you that Cavern 4 in Bury St Edmunds is currently stocking my brooches which I arranged at the weekend. All very exciting. Though at the time I was really rather anxious! Also they have just opened a new shopping centre called 'Arc' in BStE which has a lovely lovely Topshop and a Paperchase. I managed to only by some thank you cards for a friend and that was all. So restrained of me!

And now onto today. After speaking to the people at Cavern 4 i found the confidence to go down to a wonderful shop called LoveOne on St Peters St in Ipswich. I actually already know the owner so it wasn't that scary but I think when you start selling your work and putting yourself out there you are opening yourself up to criticism or praise but it can make you feel quite vulnerable!

On the way there I got a call from college offering me 32 hours instead of 10.5 starting after Easter.

AND I can happily announce my tote bags and brooches and soon some bunting are all being stocked by LoveOne! Now I am excited!

The picture on the left is a print I did a while ago. I've been taking photos to put on MOO cards and that's one of my faves.

As I said. Things are looking up!!

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