Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A rather jolly weekend, followed by a forced period of incommunicado

Here I am back after a day of forced exile from the internet thanks to the lovely guys landscaping the drive and front garden chopping through our broadband cable! Anyway....

On Saturday Chris and I went to the Woodbridge Vintage and Contemporary Fair, the first one held on Market Hill in Woodbridge. It was wonderful, and I do have pictures, but Chris has them on his camera so you'll just have to wait!

Anyway, at the fair I got a 60s orange handbag and just down the thoroughfare stopped in at the Salvation Army charity shopped and picked up this wonderful granny blanket. For £2! I had to fix a hole and wash out the crusty bits and old rice crispies (You think i'm kidding but I am not!) and now it sits happily in my picnic basket.

And then!!! on Saturday evening Chris and I, his brother Ian and his wife Sue, his Mum and Dad and Sue's brother Chris all went to Elmswell where Ian and Sue live to their annual Picnic and Prom. It was so good. I took the picnic basket filled with delicious treats and my thermos of tea and covered my knees with the rice crispie encrusted blanket, waved my union jack flag and sung Jerusalem (with everyone else I might add, I wasn't just carrying on alone!)

More photos to come when I can get the camera off Chris.


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