Sunday, 28 June 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!

I have had a busy few weeks creating new things for a craft fair last weekend at Suffolk Food Hall. Now i'm updating you on the new designs and creations now available on CuppaTeaAndCake Etsy and CuppaTeaAndCake Folksy.

On the left there is the new Cream Teas tote. I love this one, I have a feeling I am going to be making more of these as they seem to be selling well. I had an exciting moment this week when my stockist at LoveOne text and said she'd sold 4 bags to a friendly American lady and could I take more over. Apparently the lady was exclaiming "How cute and British!" I was chuffed to bits. She took them home as gifts. So I am now an international seller!

Also new on the scene is this lovely blue striped chappy for keeping your brew perfect for sipping when you're enjoying these sunny afternoons and evenings! I hope you have been as lucky with weather as we have over here in Suffolk. New tea cosy is a plump fella with some stretch so even tho he's pictured snuggled over a 2/3 cup teapot he'll squeeze nicely over a larger pot! The beauty of the tea cosy is that it is insulated for extra warmth but also gives that stretch for those of us drinking tea by the litre!

And finally my latest venture and it is terribly exciting, for me anyway! These are the new Cuppa Tea And Cake badges! I have made more than this 8 but luckily for me they are already being sold in LoveOne in Ipswich. Once they are packaged up they'll be available on Etsy and Folksy. They are so cute I'm really pleased with them and hope you like them too!


Glueandglitter said...

Aww I love those little tea brooches. Fab idea!

Hen said...

Great things and lovely ideas; I'm glad you're having success with them, it's well deserved.
Hen x