Monday, 2 November 2009

New things New things!!

Woo hoo!!! Look I have finally been able to take photos of the news bags I have been printing!
With not having the camera and a long succession of dull days I have been unable to take some decent photographs but finally a clear day has arrived and the camera is back with me.

So here, you are the first to see the new Autumn/Winter designs from CuppaTeaAndCake.

There are more to come but are still on the conveyor belt so there is still more excitement on the cards!

So as you can see there are several "Tea Cup" designs in different colours. I decided to order a few coloured bags as they looked so jolly exciting and I think they're rather lovely printed in gold.

For the crafty people out there as well as those obsessed with tea like me, is the new "knitter" bags which have come about due to the popularity of the knitter badges! They are available in big and little totes and in blue and pink. And they may even be available in more colours soon. Oooo!!!

There are only a few of those and currently, unless there is a massive demand before they won't be on sale until the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. Please let me know what you think, I really appreciate your feedback.

I can't get these images to align right on the page so it's just gonna have to be random!!

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