Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paper and Colour and Shapes

I am subconsciously drawn to shapes. Usually circles, I find myself drawing circles, cutting out circles, sewing circles. Especially when creating work I haven't planned.

I gave up planning work a long time ago when I finally gave in and realised that what I imagine will never be how it will end up. It is a lot more free and there is no anxiety anymore.

I have recently been working on small 8.5cm squares after being inspired by the Van Doesburg exhibition at the Tate Modern. All those geometric shapes and limited colour palettes really got my brain going in overdrive!

I am also very into neon colours at the moment and mixing them with clashing colours or dull colours that make the neons pop.

So here are the first couple of collage pieces with triangles! Welcome to geometry with Jess.


Kitchen Sinks said...

Great work.....i appreciate...these designs are also good for home decorating.

gallery802 said...

Wow....very nice...please also update it with new more designs..