Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We Moved House!

Hello everyone! I am writing to you from a new and exciting location. We have moved house and so have much more room and much more time to do the exciting things, like collect things, make things and take many more photographs!

We are still settling in, boxes everywhere and rooms in a state of flux but the computers are up and running and I have been busy doing bits and pieces and sorting the place.

Today I sent off a Folksy order so made these luggage tag "with compliments" slips to go in with my orders. Feedback seems to be such a staple of Ebay but people don't bother on marketplace sites and it is so important to us little businesses. So I add a little message under the rubber stamped bit and hope it makes a difference.

I love this little do it yourself rubber stamp kit, apart from the way the little rubber letters seem to have a mind of their own! I think I will be using it every chance I get!


Anonymous said...
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Nic Stollery said...

Hello! can i be nosey and ask where you got this rubber stamp kit from?? i was going to get a personalised one made but one i cud change around myself would be even better! Thanx x

lin said...
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Jess said...

Hi Nic,

I'm sorry but i cant be much help. I found the rubber stamp kit when we were moving house. It was my dad's and he's had it for twenty years. You might try eBay for one!

I LOVE YOU said...
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