Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mini Bags

Oooo these mini bags are so useful! I've done a few in this design before in different colours and they've been very popular.

They're so handy to put your lunch in or your book, or any other goodies! I use mine to pop my Persephone books in so I don't mark their lovely grey covers and I keep my graphic markers in one too as they are rather fat pens!

You can get them in my Folksy shop now.

In other news I am having a lovely Easter break but am rather frustrated by my lack of inspiration! Why is it that when I had no time to do things and I was tired from work I was desperate for more time, now i'm on holiday and I just can't seem to get the ideas going. So very annoying!!

I am eager to be creative and make things but I just cant get any ideas out. However I did make a lovely bag from some vintage fabric I had last week. Pictures to follow of that! I just HAD to make something. I am now on the hunt for some vintage 50s fabric so I can make cushions for our 40s/50s front room. No luck in the charity shops so far, keep your fingers crossed for me!


Blueberry Park said...

Cute Jess...especially love the floral summery ;-)

Sarah Wade said...

wow I love the floral bag! - I want! xx