Friday, 23 July 2010

Sneaky Peaky

This week I have been fighting the light in an effort to re-do my products images.

I'm trying to push my products more and having better photographs seems to make a difference to what people think of your shop.

In fact it is one of the major things that can turn someone on or off when looking at your work.

Without knowing it you've already had a sneak peak in the posts below but here are a few more for you to take a little lookie at.

There will be a celebratory shop relaunch to coincide with all the new pictures but if the sun doesn't come back it might be a little while away!!

This photography malarky is very difficult and really rather frustrating! Fingers crossed there will be some better light soon and we can all celebrate some new swish looking photos!


Halfpenny Home said...

Hi Jess, why don't you make yourself a light box? They are really good and make things a lot easier! I'll show you the one we made for our website photos when you come over to see us again. Nic x

Jess said...

I've got one thanks Nicola and I've been using it. But thanks for the offer!

Halfpenny Home said...

I always think your photos are lovely anyway and I love the look of your shop! Nic x