Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday. Always Take The Weather With You

It is typically British to make small talk with conversation about the weather, and we seem to be having a big variety of it at the moment! So for my first Folksy Friday I've picked a selection of products all with the common theme, the weather.

I must also add when making these lists of products to share with you all the only way I choose is if I want them myself. I want every one of these items, but as my bank balance can't take the hammering, maybe some of you will be inclined!

Thunderbolt & Lightening Necklace by KitschenSink

Umbrella, Felt Brooch by Lupin Handmade
Silver cloud with pendants raindrop necklace by TaniaCovo Designs
Rainbow Rainbow necklace by Owl Loves Panda
Double Cloud Pin by Lost At Sea
Right As Rain Screen Print by Lil Sonny Sky


Abbie said...

What a lovely little set of treats :) let's hope the sun shines today though!

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Thank you for including me - everyone's gotta love clouds!

lisa stubbs said...

Thanks for including my right as rain screen print!:)

Emma said...

Totally gorgeous. Loving your blog and your shop, which brought me here. I just won a giveaway (there's a rencent post on my blog about it) in which I won some weather fridge magnets so I was interested to see your post. Will sign up as a follower :)

Emma said...

Ps. I now have that song on my brain !!!! ;) x

Jess said...

Thanks very much Emma, congrats on winning the giveaway, I best go check your blog out to see you winnings. Thanks for popping by!