Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Telling Off

I got told off today. My friend Nicola over at Halfpenny Home said I don't blog enough. She's right. I know she's right because I've thought it myself! So hopefully it is made up for by this brightly coloured post!

Up there is the fabric for my latest "try out" project. Typewriter prints with an assortment of mono prints and cut stencils onto calico. The I made it into this..

I shall be trying out a new colour way so stay tuned for that.

I better post again before that though!


Halfpenny Home said...

It's fab! Now all you need is the right trimming...?
I wasn't telling you off - we just want you to blog more! It's great to see what you're up to and what inspires you to create. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Nic x

Jess said...

Hehe it's alright Nic I was just teasing and I should blog more often!

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