Sunday, 6 January 2013

Work in Progress

Thanks to the Christmas holidays I don't go back to work until tomorrow and so that has given me some time to work on some artwork and new bits and pieces for Hello Pushkin. I've also been experimenting with patterns and different media in my sketchbook and collecting lots of inspiration pictures together.

My students hate doing "research"; when we ask them to look at the work of other artists to help inspire their own work. It is kinda forced because it's not images they've sought out themselves but it's so important to see what other people are doing. I'm sure you all know that!

So I have been walking what I talk and doing exactly what I ask them to do, because I would be at a loss for ideas if I didn't have inspirational images!

         Cutting up images for my sketchbook.
New earrings displayed on new card backing!

Chris has also been busy getting his hands dirty. Literally! Ages ago he bought an Adana 3 x 5 printing press and it's taken quite a lot of work to get going but finally he has and it is looking very smart and working like a dream! He has been printing some Thank You cards. Here are his instagram photos of the lovely job he's been doing.

Inking up the roller ready to get going

Inked up and ready to print.

Back to the grind tomorrow but I will be adding some new earrings and a couple of new necklaces to the shops soon. Just waiting for the shop I buy my chains etc from to open up again after the holidays.

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