Monday, 2 June 2014

I Make Fun Stuff Shop Update

Hi guys! I'm sorry I've dropped off the radar a little bit. We've been so so busy getting the pop-up shop ready I've thought about nothing else. And definitely haven't had time to make any of my own work. 

So I though the most sensible thing to do would be to post about the shop again. I hope that's not boring! 

We had loads of stock come in and I'll be previewing some of the fabulous goods we currently have in stock in the coming weeks. So we changed the window display, it was a little painful to clean our painted logo off the window. Hours to create and minutes to remove. Now it's full of stock and bits of furniture we've discovered. 

Above you can see me tweaking the display a little. It was so much fun unpacking all the wonderful things we've been sent. Like Christmas but none of it was for us! All future presents will be bought from the same place from now on!! 

Heres a picture of the window as a whole.

And a wee close up. 

Sorry the photos are a bit dodgy. It's very hard to take good images through reflective glass.

More photos coming up later in the week of products! 


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