Monday, 16 June 2014

The Edit: Pick Me Up 2014

Chris and I went to Pick Me Up back in April, it's an awesome contemporary graphic arts festival held every year at Somerset House. I wrote this blog post just after we went but it didn't publish, so here it is now. 

We wanted to go because we're both really into graphics and illustration and love gathering inspiration but it was also really exciting to see how the artists/designers had set up their spaces. It gave us lots of display ideas for the shop. 

I'm afraid my photos aren't that great but here are my favourites for you...

Lynnie Zulu

The Great British Emporium

Puck Collective 

Animaux Circus

I have lots of other badly taken photos so I'll keep those to myself but we had an absolutely fantastic time. My ideas are firing away I just need time to get making and experimenting. I've been on a creative high ever since! 

If you went to Pick Me Up, tell me who's work you loved. 

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