Thursday, 29 March 2007

A successful day!

Oooo sorry i didn't realise how out of focus that picture is. Anyway, Crayola fabric crayons, i've used these before when i did my first art course when i was 18 about 6 years ago, oh my god that is a lot longer than i imagined. I decided to give them another go, and experiment with them. They only cost me £1.50 by the way.

So here is the result of the first try, this is on canvas fabric, the box does state they work best on synthetic fabrics so that's something to bear in mine but i don't think this is an awful result. Obviously the yellow didn't come out as well as i'd hoped but if you like the kinda sketchy style, which i do, it's not bad at all!

Further successes of the day include a 50p 70s style apron in a charity shop, it looks as though the pocket was accidentally torn off so i've unpicked the replacement one, it just needs backing and a slightly larger new pocket to hide the tears. When i'd finished unpicking the pocket i picked up all the rubbish and found a hairnet in my lap! Delightful, though i am intrigued as to the story behind it ending up in an apron pocket, it conjures up images of rollers and fluffy slippers for me.

Well i keep reminding myself i must do more dissertation writing, i am avoiding it at the moment. Though I did have a tutorial this morning that went well, my tutor kept saying 'oh thats good' which is a positive sign. Better get on before i get distracted by something else.

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