Thursday, 2 July 2009

Craft Sellers Wanted

For several months now Chris and I have been thinking about putting on our own craft fair. As regular readers will know I have done a few fairs in the past few months and they have not been very successful! I have many ideas on why that is but the main one is that I think there are too many different types and styles of craft put together and that so far my 'style' hasn't fitted with everyone elses.

Luckily thanks to reading many blogs some of which based in my region (East Anglia) I know that all is not lost and there are people out there doing similar things with the same intentions. And there are similar fairs going on with lots of success!

So here is the first step of this process. We are looking for craft sellers who would be interested in having a stall at our planned fair. It will be in central Ipswich, and the stalls will be very reasonably priced as long as we get enough people. We want cool, fun, exciting, interesting, crafts and arts, we want to stand out from the usual craft fairs.

We are in the very early stages at the moment because we don't want to hire the venue and not get enough stall holders so we are just looking for people to register their interest with us so we can then say 'yes' to people and book the venue and give you a date and other info.

Please email to say 'Yes i'm interested!' thank you!

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