Sunday, 11 October 2009

Time for Drawing

Well I am finally writing a proper blog entry rather than just posting photos of places i've been to or things that i've done. There's a turn up for the books! (where the hell does that phrase come from??) This past week at work i've been lucky enough to find some time to do some spontaneous drawing just for the fun of it. So i thought i'd share the two I did that actually turned out alright!

I have also been designing new bags with and making new badges as well as having ideas for new products which will debut at the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. Sneak peaks soon i'm sure. They have a crafty theme to them, knitting, sewing etc as well as a few other ideas.

I also have some good news, the fair now has 10 confirmed pitches and we are working on the
advertising so that we get stacks of people in and buying all the amazing goodies our stall holders have to offer!

So the things you will be able to buy include....

Vintage clothing and screenprinted handmade skirts & accessories. Bags made from used skateboards. Jewellery. Homewares. Embroidered bags. Artwork and all the other little things our sellers make! We are so ruddy excited! I will be keeping on about it right up until the day before so here is a little reminder for you....

I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. Town Hall Galleries, Cornhill, Ipswich.

Saturday 28th November 2009

10 - 5pm!!

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