Friday, 30 October 2009


I know not everyone shares my view but I LOVE Autumn. I love when it starts to get cold and you have to turn the heating on so it's all cosy and warm. I love that day when you just HAVE to light the fire in the sitting room.

I love how the tree outside my house is red at the top, to orange, to yellow to a few green leaves left at the bottom.

I love putting my scarf and hat on! YES!!! I love wearing my big coat. Not just because i love my big coat but because I can tuck up all warm in it.

And best of all, warm cosy beds with the quilt up to my chin and lovely comfy pyjamas!

In other news this week I have been busy making things for the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. I've been printing new bags and sewing up some bunting and making masses and masses of badges! I would LOVE to show you pictures of the new designs but someone has my camera and so I haven't been able to take any pics! I shall get it back tomorrow and hopefully it will be bright enough to get some decent images.

Look out for those, I do hope you like them! Until then I shall depart, off to do some drawing in my big cosy bed!!!

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