Thursday, 22 October 2009


Well everyone, I had a very exciting email yesterday! Dotcomgiftshop have reviewed this hear blog on their website in their own "Crafty Blogs We Love" section. How ruddy exciting is that?! That's the first time i've had a response like that to my little blog. More news there soon hopefully. Especially as its the kind of online shop that stocks lots of yummy vintage style things, polka dots, flowery and french style! I'm pining after one of the Victorian Parasols myself!

In other news I have been busy sending away internet orders (these are on the up aswell which is also very exciting!) and making loads of new badges to sell at the upcoming I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. I have also started printing new tote bags for the same event. I am really enjoying printing my new designs. I bought an A3 screen for printing bigger designs and it is so darn cool. I wanted to show you pictures of the new stuff but since Autumn has set in all the good light in the evening has left. Luckily it's half term next week so I will be at home during the day and can take some shots.

Watch out for those, blog posts are much more exciting with images I know!


Carrie said...

That's very exciting news about Dotcomgiftshop... congrats!!!

Bluebell said...

Congrats! How fab

B x

Michelle said...

ooooh congrats, that's fab :o)M xx