Saturday, 7 August 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part Two!

I don't often blog about clothes, which really is a bit odd because I really am into clothes. I always have been, especially things that are a bit unusual, and of course vintage.

Today these two wonderful cardigans from River Island caught my eye in a very excited way! Which cheered me up as I was feeling a bit grumpy, mainly because the weather is disgusting at the moment. I don't mind warm, I don't mind rain but what I do not like is warm and wet and so humid you feel like hell!

YUK! Roll on the Autumn when I can start wearing more than one layer of clothes at once!

Sorry all you Summer lovers!!


CarmenSays said...

I love these! I saw a similar one in H&M today, wanted it so bad lol

Louise said...

The one with the ponies yes please! Know what you mean about the weather :)