Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Now ventilated to let wounds breathe!

Chris and I went on another little jolly on Saturday. We went to Needham Market Town Hall Antiques shop. It is spread over 2 floors but definitely not spread thinly! It is stuffed full, to the extent you have to look in all the little nooks and crannies and down the side of shelves in case there are some goodies lurking in the darkness.

We spent a whole hour in this place. They sell everything you could imagine, all the usual like crockery, postcards and books but also old tins, vintage accessories, old cameras and sewing things. it is a treasure trove!

i got this tin, a knitting bag and an old map and Chris got an old Kodak stills camera, an old film camera and a film tin with a reel of film inside of a tank explosion lol.

I've also been rooting through charity shops lately and came up with a welsh tapestry coat, a burgandy clutch bag, a purple angora hat with a bobble and a felt belt. Good stuff! I'll post pics when I remember and there is good light. Until then... it's Obama time.

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