Monday, 12 January 2009

One instead of another

I wanted to post pictures of the things I have been making today, brooches!! They are lovely and colourful with buttons and texture and I do believe a touch of loveliness. But the weather is so awful here that there is absolutely no light for pictures whatsoever. it is raining and I have the light on in my room. Terrible.

So even though I have posted this picture before I received a parcel from this beautiful place on Saturday.

A brand new book to read. I chose Marianna from the collection of 81 books. It's a nice thick one so it will hopefully last me a while.

Though I haven't had time to start it yet. I've been tidying and sorting and trying to use the numerous tins and jars I have for storing things. Apparently you can't own these things without 'needing' them. Though that doesn't apply to vinyl figures of Barack Obama! More on the jars when there is more light.

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