Thursday, 8 January 2009

Things I don't like.

As the subject suggests this is a list of things I do not like. Not very positive i know, but I will follow it with a list of things I do like. So it's okay in the end!

1. I don't like spiders, but I was told the other day that spiders do not like the gas that conkers excrete as they dry out which is handy as this little basket of conkers is on our doorstep.

2. I don't like how I can change this font to verdana, and I can make it small, and I can make it grey, but I can't make the title the same!

3. I don't like people who say 'yeh yeh yeh' in a dismissive way like they know what you're talking about when clearly they do not and will later on prove that not only did they not understand but they weren't listening either!

4. I don't like
people playing music out of their mobile phones in public places. It is so rude, and what gets me most is they don't even consider that other people don't want to hear it. They are completely oblivious.

5. I don't like people who have no respect for people and property. The way some people are so rude to staff in shops, rude drivers who intimidate people, young people who have no respect for their elders and the people who keep spitting on the window of my car. WHY!?

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