Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I love productive days!

The picture to the left shows my recent charity shop finds, all in one shop in Hadleigh, Suffolk! A lovely blanket for £1 a piece of slightly hideous kind of lovely vintage fabric for 50p and a purple velvet bow tie for 50p! I don't need another blanket or any more fabric but that's not the point is it? You can see my dirty pumps on my thread covered carpet at the bottom of the picture.

In other news I have had a wonderfully busy couple of days. I've made two lots of polka dot bunting, two lots of union jack bunting and some new brooches. I've also drawn up loads of new designs for tote bags, the original large and the new mini tote bags for carrying your books or lunch! They are soooo cute!

I'll photograph some sketches for you to see soon, it would be nice if you felt you wanted to comment on ones you liked or weren't so keen on.

I have also signed up to have a stall at my first craft fair! It is being held at Ipswich Library on Saturday 25th and I am very very excited. I have been thinking about display ideas, flyers, products, little price signs and a stall sign. All the important things of course!

Chris and I had a debate about whether I needed bags to put things in once they are sold or not. I vote yes! And they should be cute paper ones too!

Tomorrow is our 3rd year anniversary of being together so we are off to Cambridge for a lovely day. It's meant to rain, but nevermind there's a Lush, a Paperchase and lots of beautiful architecture. Hope the weather is good wherever you are.


Greedy Nan said...

Well, happy anniversary to you! Really like the ideas you're coming up with.

Jess said...

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate every one.

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