Friday, 24 April 2009

Busiest week ever!

Probably not the busiest week ever but my! have I been busy! I started working full time at the college this week which I haven't done in ages. Yes I know that is actually very luxurious but two days a week does not pay very well! Soon as I got in every night I went straight to my printing table and printed 7 new designs on 33 bags. I also had bunting to sew, brooches to make, signs to draw and all the other preparations ready for the craft fair tomorrow.

It has in fact been wonderful fun! There are 5 new large tote designs including these three and two mini bags for your book or lunch! I always put my books (especially my Persephones) into another bag before they go in my bag so they don't get scuffed and these little bags are SO cute!!

So I think I am ready for the craft fair at Ipswich Library tomorrow. I am really rather excited. I have some lovely things like cake stands to put my brooches on and little coloured price signs. Such simple things please me!

I hope you all like the new totes. There are some I want to keep for myself but if i'm lucky i'll sell lots tomorrow! Pictures of the event will follow. Hopefully with lots of busy customers in!!


Flo said...

My book bag came in very handy yesterday as I got a persephone book so I was able to take it home without it getting bashed about in my bag!

Claire said...

Hope the fair went well for you today! I had one yesterday, it went well. The new bags look great!