Saturday, 23 May 2009

Look at these beauties!!

I promised I would show you the pile of wonderful buttons that a friend had brought for me and here they are!

I have never seen buttons like this where I live or where I have visited in fact.

They came from a shop called Mrs T in Allesley Park in Coventry. And they were so cheap! I normally have to pay close to £1 found buttons in my local fabric shop that aren't anywhere near as great are these!! All, except for the for the large pink and purple ones, were under £1! The shapes were less than 50p each! I really can't as for more! So if you get chance to go to Mrs T in Coventry fill your boots!! I know I would! Now i just need to find an excuse to drive all the way to Coventry, other than to buy buttons!!

Tomorrow i'm going to an Art Deco antique and collectables fair, so expect pics of that over the next few days! It's half term so I will be having a productive week!


Blueberry Park said...

What a lovely pile of treasure. Just my cup of tea :-)

lin said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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