Saturday, 16 May 2009

mmmm sewing basket...

Look at this beauty! I found it on ebay and couldn't help myself, but it was an absolute bargain! But I have been so busy this week I am yet to fill it up with things properly.

The really busy week is also my excuse for the lack of posts since last week. I have been getting home from my job at the college absolutely shattered thanks to organising a textiles project for a class with all the wax, dying, wax dying, wax dying, steaming that the batik process involves!

It has been so much fun though I have loved it all. Also this week I have been to Chris', seen Star Trek (it was awesome) celebrated Chris' birthday, been out for a few drinks with friends and been to Cambridge today. I bought wool. Oh yes!! And a friend has brought me a a big pile of the most wonderful buttons I have ever seen. I will take a picture to show you.

Also I made a huge pin cushion based on the brooch design for a friend. Look at the size of it!....

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