Friday, 29 May 2009

So much to tell you about!

Firstly, these are the goodies I got at the Art Deco Fair I was telling you about in the last post. It was a great event, set in a huge school called Culford School just outside Bury St Edmunds. There was a lot there but luckily most of the gorgeous things were far too expensive to even consider buying. But I am a sucker for an old tin, these two cost me £5.50 in total! We also had our eyes on a wonderful orange 70s clock but unfortunately the seller hadn't tested it & when we did it didn't work.

Next is an image showing what i've been doing in terms of making during this half term week off. I've been cutting, printing and sewing union jack bunting. This picture also shows the dvd of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day which I got for £6 in Sainsburys. Bargain! I still haven't managed to read the book but I saw the film a few months ago. It has Amy Adams in it of Enchanted (great spoof Disney film) and Doubt. The film is so sweet and lovely and the costumes and sets are just amazing. What I wouldn't give for one of those outfits...... Oh and a body like Amy Adams'!

Last picture is of some sheep I saw yesterday while at the Suffolk Show. It is the typical county show with farming animals winning prizes, show jumping, parades and lots and lots of stalls!! It was a beautiful day in the end and I had a great time. Bought a couple of things, a lovely knitted beret made by a company called Norfolk Knits, so look them up if you get chance and bead necklace which is currently stuck to my neck with sun cream. Nice.

Out of all the things I did I think my favourite part was stroking the sheep! It seems i'm a big fan of sheep. Pity there were no lambs.


Bluebell said...

Loving the bunting :)

I LOVE YOU said...


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