Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday: Night

Here we go with another Folksy Friday!

This week's theme is Night because of the spectacular Perseid meteor shower that happened over the UK last night. We had friends over so we lay on our picnic bench in the dark watching the shooting stars. The repeated shouts "Oooo I saw one!!" and "oops no that's an plane" was hilarious, we had a great night. So to inspire you into finding something twinkling and sparkling, here are this week's six items!

Night Time by Rabbit Portal

Bronze Cat Make Up Bag by Dee Hewitt

Black Bat & Full Moon Necklace by Ich bin…!

The Lonely Owl Necklace by Chasing Bella

Greeting Card, Cloudy Starry Night by It Belongs To Turtle

Small Star Studs by Buttercup Buttons

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