Sunday, 15 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Lucy Player

Here Sunday is again, I have done my food shopping but annoyingly I still have the washing up to do! My least favourite job, I would rather iron than wash up! Anyway, before i succumb to the horrors of the washing up bowl here is my choice for this weeks' Showcase Sunday. I love Showcase Sunday!

This week I will be promoting the graphic talents of Lucy Player.

The thing about Lucy's products is they are perfectly simple and minimalistic, that is all you need. I love how her work is often just black line drawings on a cream background letting the artwork speak for itself, you don't need bright colours, gaudy slogans or careful stitched embroidery (not that I don't love that myself because we know I do!) in Lucy's work.

These postcards is where it really gets good for me, detailed illustrations of biscuits and teacups printed onto cards! Simple yet effective, and to me that is what Lucy's work, shop and website encompasses. Her product photographs are so suited to her work I just want to drink it all in, her shop is everything I want from a shop and will make me want to buy the products.

It also makes me want to keep taking product photographs to improve mine even more!

Visit the Lucy Player shop and you'll see what I mean.

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