Sunday, 22 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Mengsel

It's time for another Showcase Sunday, along with it being migraine Sunday for me but I will push on promoting my fellow sellers! This week my chosen Folksy seller is Mengsel.

As usual I have taken the time to find a seller who I think has it all, beautiful, well made products that are unique, a well designed shop and great product placement. Oh yes and I forgot, photographs that clearly show the products and give you a style to picture in your home as well.

From reading the Mengsel bio I have found out that it is the Dutch Afrikaans word for mixture. I love the story behind a name! And so do buyers, finding out a little bit about the person who makes the products you are going to buy and how they are made makes them all the more interesting.

Luzelle's style has a lovely Scandinavian feel to it which comes out through her designs, the colours she uses and also the settings for her photographs. This fresh, clean, white paint and wooden furniture compliments the products and almost makes the feel like a breath of fresh air. Which it must be said, handmade products definitely are after walking through your local department store or high street!

Mengsel's designs include crockery, chickens, robots, super 8 cameras and coffee pots. The mixture of homely and vintage/retro styles that I love and is also very "in" at the moment. I'm a big fan of product prints being available as art prints as well so you can have them on your wall as well as on your cushions!

Mengsel offers tea towels, cushions, pillow cases and prints too, some Scandinavian some just quirky and fun and all beautifully printed.

Don't forget to visit the Mengsel blog too!

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