Friday, 4 June 2010

Booty and Goodies!

Goodness me, I do love vintage finds! We went to our local car boot on Sunday. I think my expectations were a bit high, I haven't been to one in years and I think I had forgotten how much tat people have to sell! Okay okay, I know, "one persons' trash is another persons' treasure" but really, there is so really not nice stuff. We were walking round and I saw a young girl walk past with carrier bags of what looked like interesting stuff and a couple of old leather bags. I said to Chris "I think she's got all the good stuff already" but I shouldn't speak too soon! I managed to get the little leather suitcase in the bottom picture for £3 and a big pile of stamps and embroidery transfers, also for £3. Lovely!

Then on Thursday my friend Cathy of LoveOne and I went out into the Suffolk countryside to find some old furniture for the shop. It was wonderful! We wandered round some shops selling vintage furniture and garden stuff, had a cup of tea and a cheese scone, or a cream tea and managed to get a few goodies. I got that lovely enameled jug with my gorgeous Lupins in that is sitting in our fireplace. Wow I love old stuff!! My eyes glaze over with excitement when it comes to vintage goodies and clothes and furniture. Happy happy days!

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Halfpenny Home said...

Lovely booty! I'm loving embroidery at the moment, there's nothing that doesn't benefit from a little bit of embellishment! Nicola x