Monday, 14 June 2010

A new arrival

This weekend we added a new member to our previously 2 person family. Her name is Milly.

I've had cats all my life so when Chris and I moved into our own home it was only a matter of time before we added a small feline bundle of fluff to the family. I must say our house really feels like a home now, I'm used to having an animal around to call on for strokes and attention, I used to live with a dog but those animal lovers out there will know there is a big differences between cats and dogs.

Milly settled in really fast, 30 seconds of hiding under a blanket and that was it, we were overwhelmed with purring and rubs with no limb left unattended! She has a lovely habit of rubbing you on the cheek, like a face butt really, very cute and she purrs like a trooper.

So now she's found her feet she's zipping round the house getting into all kinds of mischief and mewing most of the time. She doesn't like not being able to see what you're doing and has to be involved in everything. And when she does snooze, only a lap will do! She's lovely and very cute!


Hen said...

Ooooh, she's so lovely. A house isn't a home without a purring kitty...
Hen x

Halfpenny Home said...

Gorgeous! How lovely and a pretty name too. Nic x