Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Suffolk New College End of Year Show Part One

Last night was the end of year show for the Pre-Degree Foundation Studies and National Diploma Year 2 students at Suffolk New College where I work.

This event proves to be incredibly inspiring and exciting every year because there really is some absolutely outstanding talent on show.

I always take lots of pictures of the work I am particularly keen on and so this year i've decided to blog about the work and the artists I put on my favourites list.

First up is Bryony Jones. Her work is inspired by a journey into space, she came up with designs and screen printed the images until she was happy with the outcome. She then printed a length of fabric with designs layered on top of each other and finally applied rainbow holographic heat transfer foil. Believe me this IS as exciting as it sounds.

As you can see from the photograph she has combined bright and neon colours with the beautiful foil and finally created a pair of hareem trousers and a jacket! For this project she won the award for best Fashion and Textiles project.

I also really loved Bryony's drawing class work for which she was a finalist for the Drawing Prize. I love Bryony's eye for colour and complete fearlessness when it comes to combining colour. It works so well and if you met her you could see her love for colour flows through her as well as her work.

I will highlight another one of this years' students later.

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