Thursday, 24 June 2010

Suffolk New College End of Year Show Part Two

Next student to be featured in my top picks for the Suffolk New College End of Year Show posts is Benjamin Carr.

Ben uses a lot of images he has found and then works on top of them with paint, pen and ink to create a new piece of work with only parts of the previous image still present.

I particularly like his way of using different media and use of collage. His work feels spotaneous, making his sketchbooks interesting viewing because you can see that the marks come so naturally from his pen or paintbrush. What i'm trying to say is Ben's work is clearly born from passion and natural ability and actually not being able to stop making work!

Like Bryony Jones he was a finalist for the Drawing Prize and from these pieces you can see why! I especially love the way he has cut away the top layer of this piece to reveal the paper underneath and used repeat pattern, something I love to do in my own work.

Take a look at Ben's Website for more info, his blog and more work.

Ben was also featured on Brown Paper Bag recently.

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