Monday, 28 June 2010

The Saints Summer Street Fair

Well what a day we had! And PHEW was it hot!! With my fair skin I am so surprised I didn't manage to get sunburnt it was a scorcher!!

Well we started the day very early to make sure all the market stalls were set up in the right places and all the stallholders were happy with their stalls. They were and so were we!

Our sellers always seem to be so clever with how they decorate their stall and display their products. I am always so excited to see how they show off the wonderful things they've made and it always suits what they make so well!

So we officially opened at 10am but when you're on a street it pretty much starts as soon as the first customer parts with their money! As far as I could tell that was pretty early because before we knew it the street was heaving with people and I was running around trying to sell raffle tickets for Joel Millerchip's fantastic paintings and signing people up to our mailing list.

I couldn't move around LoveOne for all the people in the shop, it was so busy and lots of people heading to the back garden to get a delicious cream tea from Simpson's Deli. They went down a storm let me tell you! And their brownies
went very well with my evening cup of tea.
So here are some pictures of the stalls and some of their holders.

Check out our facebook for more pics

Jack the Cat. Lucie Ellen. House of Ismay. Kluck and Jess Lucking.


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Looks fab, glad you had a good day.
Luv Sophie xxx

Halfpenny Home said...

We had a great day, thanks for organizing it all.
Loads of really nice people to chat to about buttons, cream tea and sunshine - what more could you want? The highlight of my day was when a fella had a bit of a knit on our 'stunt ball' of Knit Collage yarn. Nic

spudballoo said...

oooh I was talking about you last night, were your ears burning! I was talking to Cathy (LoveOne) and saying I knew you a little from Twitter. she told me about the producer buying 100 of your badges, how thrilling!

Lovely photos, so wish I'd come now.

Katherine (Simpson's Deli) is a good friend of mine. Wise move on my part, her cakes are the BEST! x

Jess said...

Thank you for your comments everyone. Glad you had a good day Nicola. You mustve been talking to Cathy at the Vanilla Magazine launch Jude, I was going to go but I had already made plans, what a pity we would have had a tweet up!!