Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Royal Opera House likes tea

Yesterday i had a phone call from my good fries Cathy at LoveOne. She had a man in the shop who was buying her out of my tea cup badges and wanted 15-20 more!! Luckily I was just on my way to the printers to pick up the posters for the Saints Summer Street Fair, which is 2 minutes down the road from the shop.

So off I popped, fresh posters in hand (more about those later) and tins full of badges. After a catch up about fair progress and a good gossip Will Tucket of The Royal Opera House returned to buy 34 tea cup badges and a tea cup necklace! It came to £94.99! All at once! Blam! Here you go! Crikey that was exciting.

I asked him why he wanted that many and he told us about the play he is showing at the new Jerwood Centre, Dance East at the Ipswich Waterfront. It's called "Pleasure's Progress: A tale of sex, wigs, wags and bawds". The tea cups were for his cast members and the necklace for his assistant as a little in joke. In the production the main female character is interrupted by her husband while in bed with her lover and asks him for a cup of tea to distract him! How appropriate my badges were for little favours. Sometimes your work is just in the right place at the right time!


Neen said...

Love your work :)

sweetbootique said...

That's so cool! Congratulations on your big sale! You must have been soooo excited! = )