Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday: Birds

Sorry for the fact this week's Folksy Friday is actually on Sunday, I had a migraine for three days so couldn't bear to look at the computer on Thursday evening or Friday. But I hate to fall from tradition and so I am Folksy Fridaying anyway!

This week's theme is Birds. I love birds and am trying to come up with some birdie type images for my own product range. Also we let Milly out for the first time this weekend and she is spending lots of time looking at birds!

Flying Birds Button Brooch by Flying Away

Love Birds Print by I Love Tea and Ceremony

Birds of a feather ceramic wall art duo with vintage lace texture by Prince Design UK

Chirpy Little Birds Mug by Julia Smith

Grey Flocking Birds Tights by Tights For Sore Eyes

3 Birds at The Airport Necklace by Reworkd Workshop


Halfpenny Home said...

Oh, I love the necklace! I really do, hope you're all better now. Nic x

Sam said...

I love all things birdy, so this is a wonderful Folksy Sunday :-)

Hope your feeling much better now.

Sam x (A Simple Melody)

Minifelts said...

Nice choices. Those tights are amazing :)