Sunday, 12 September 2010

Showcase Sunday: Sarah Waterhouse

The seller I have chosen for my Showcase Sunday this week is the excellent Sarah Waterhouse.

Firstly I have to say that a lot of Sarah's products that she has small numbers of are 20% off in her shop at the moment to make way for her Autumn line of products, so you can grab yourself a bargain and get excited about new things to come too!
I really love Sarah's products and the two big reasons are her colour choices and her gorgeous illustrations.

Also, as I said in my Folksy Friday, I love the way people package their products. I love the jute string around the tea towels and her tags which match everything so perfectly. If you read this blog often you will know how much I love matching branding and colour schemes. And look Sarah's tags match her shop banner, which matches her website which matches her blog. Love it!

The other thing that is really important and that Sarah does so well and simply is her product shots, a clean white background gives a great minimalist look to show off the product at it's best and the lighting is perfect, I am very jealous I must admit! I am still battling to get the ultimate photographs of my products.

Most of all Sarah's products and her site inspire me to keep pushing my work further and encourage me to work harder to make my shop the best it can be. I admire it greatly, it is definitely in my Top Five Folksy shops!!

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