Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lucie Ellen Necklaces

What a reason to be cheerful! I have 2 new Lucie Ellen necklaces to add to my collection. I just have to decide which one to wear first.

You can see in the back of the picture the little envelope they came in, it's made of what looks like an old page from a children's book, sometimes the packaging adds to the excitement of buying handmade goods. I know I make a lot of effort when packing my orders to send to customers.

As you can see from the second picture Milly couldn't help but get in on the photo shoot. But who could blame her, look how cute she is! She wants to help with everything, and frequently tries to help me screen print, little kitty paws don't make good textural patterns on new tea towels!

Make sure you go check out Lucie Ellen's Etsy and watch out for news on the latest street fair. The Saints Festive Street Fair as Lucie Ellen is bound to be there!

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