Thursday, 16 September 2010

Folksy Friday: Necklaces

This week's theme is Necklaces. Yes I know it's vague but I love necklaces so here is a selction of six fabulous necklaces I want from awesome Folksy sellers.

Short but sweet!

Science Beaker or Flask Necklace by Finest Imaginary

Moth Necklace by Niche Handmade

Big Yellow Owl Necklace by Wollies

Walnut Bird on Branch Necklace by Lost At Sea

Summer Owl Necklace by Rose and Raven

Pendant: Dove Heart by Teasemade


Teasemade said...

Thanks for the featuring my dove necklace in such lovely company, there are a few there already on my wish list too! We must have a similar radar.

made by lolly said...

Lovely selections - and who says you can't be vague! lol!
FF is all about showing the world the things you like!

Abbie said...

What lovely necklaces! The science beaker/flask one is my favourite, so quirky :)

Lemonade and Lamingtons said...

Super choices! I like the wooden birdie one! Lisa x

spudballoo said...

GAH you are EVIL! I should never, ever click on your Folksy Friday's like some kind of drug though.

I want one of each. Maybe two? xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you muchly my dear!
My owl looks very happy there :-)

Unknown said...

Fab collection of necklaces