Wednesday, 15 September 2010

We've been on a jolly!

Today i've been on a trip to the seaside! My day job is the greatest. I'm a lecturer and LSA in Art and Design so I get to teach lovely students all about the things I love and get to go on fantastic research and drawing trips like our trip to Aldeburgh and Snape Maltings today.

We had a great time collecting beach debris as inspiration for our next four week project on found objects. I took loads of photos of the beach, mainly fishing boats and equipment related to them. I love the worn paintwork and clash of colours on the plastic boxes. There were colourful nets strewn around in plastic crates, rusty old bits of metal and blackboards with fish prices scrawled on them all weather worn and beautiful.

I hope the students appreciated the day as much as we did and took as many pictures as they possibly could. We're only in the first week of term so they may be needing some encouragement to fill their boots with inspiration!

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anydotsandco said...

Lovely pictures! I dont know what it is about the seaside but you get that warm fuzzily feeling inside when you see anything seaside themed! That is a great way to learn too! x