Thursday, 22 March 2007

I tried this dress on in Topshop the other day, it was £38! Even though i love the applique on it, it didnt exactly flatter my shape, despite what my friendly sales assistant might say about how much i'd like it and how it'd suit me! And so i took a picture of the applique instead, intent on learning how to do it myself, for much less money than £38! I'm going to go search amazon for applique books to add to my wishlist!

In other news i'm still fighting with how to crochet granny squares, i just cant get it to look right! i want to make a blanket so much! Any help would be much appreciated.

So plans for the rest of the day are, bake some chocolate muffins from my new recipe book, write more dissertation and do some kind of sewing stuff, i haven't done any since i got back from seeing Chris in Bournemouth. I feel withdrawal symptoms setting in!

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