Thursday, 22 March 2007

My Favourite Day Of The Week

I frequently dream of this day of the week, when i'm amidst a week of work. I work 4 days out of 7, another one is spent in college and the other two are all to myself. Sunday is the day i always have off and i always dream of it coming.

The end of another week, its not that i generally want time to scoot past me, i know that i'll regret in time letting time slip through my fingers so quickly. But every time a Sunday comes i'm another week closer to Chris being home for good.

So, Sunday, my favourite day of the week, my lie in day, my morning in bed, my afternoon full of tv, my baking day, my sewing day. The day I can sum up everything thats happened in the preceding week, clear up the mess i've created the 6 days before, lie in bed and dream of my little house that will one day be home.

I do love you so Sunday. Especially for Time Team too!

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