Sunday, 25 March 2007

What my favourite day consisted of...

I woke up and tried to get lots of work done on my dissertation, which actually went pretty well, though i was getting rather frustrated by not having a high enough word count for my liking, but i'll keep ploughing on. So i worked until the OC came on channel 4 and then got some television therapy consisting of Ugly Betty, Deal or No Deal and Time Team.

I wanted to get lots of sewing stuff done too, or at least start on something, in the end i only made a big pink tartan pin cushion to put my fancy new pins in because they wouldnt stay on the wheel thing. But even that didnt go especially well cos the thread had a habit of breaking when i pulled it tight, but it'll do temporarily anyway. So i didnt do a great deal of sewing stuff, which is annoying actually. I need to get some natural coloured fabrics to exaggerate the colourful ones.

My digital camera also decided it was going to give up the ghost, so any images will now be taken with my phone. Not the most satisfactory of cameras but 2 mega pixels is good for a phone! I also did some tidying but didnt do the baking i'd planned because i couldnt be bothered to clear up my lazy family's mess in the kitchen in order to be able to bake something. Though i guess if i always thought like that nothing would ever get done.

anyway, i shall add some images to break this blithering up a bit. The above picture is of the wonderful fabric racks in The Cloth House 98 Berwick St Soho London. What a yummy shop! I spent way too much money in there in too little time.

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