Friday, 23 March 2007

The trials & tribulations of the 1st day back at work

My day at work began with another annoyed note in the kitchen stating "PUT YOUR DIRTY MUGS IN THE DISHWASHER. THIS IS DISGUSTING!" this would certainly make everyone aware that i had returned from my 6 days off! and luckily for my sanity it didnt take long before that job had been done, now if they could only keep it up! My dad reassured me earlier that as you get older your tether gets longer and things annoy you less. I hope i gain that trait soon!

In more fun news I am about to start a project that will be a present for my friend. She likes to have a cup of tea and listen to Radio 4 on her little radio at work and as i had a sample piece of Cath Kidtson oilcloth i thought i'd make her a fun coaster for her desk. I want to send her a little goody parcel.

i also have a long list of other projects i want to start, or just cant get right! And my god i need to figure out how to do granny squares, still dying to start to make a blanket, this is really winding me up because if i could do it i could do some crochetting at work which would make me feel so much more content.

I just started making the coaster, i tried it two ways and both caused problems, i think i was rushing it cos i realised she might pop in to see me tomorrow as she's visiting for the weekend, so i decided to leave it and take it slow with the making and i will hopefully get somewhere. I've still got lots of practising to do before i'm any good at this malarky. But i'm determined because i love it.

Pictures tomorrow i promise

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