Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ta Dah!!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my blogging life, or at least i hope so! i've never been particularly great at keeping up with online blogs, maybe my life isn't interesting enough, or maybe thats just the way i view it.

But now i have more exciting and interesting things, at least for me, to talk about and document and i hope to make some friends along the way.

I'm only just starting out with doing what i love, its taken a long time (2 yrs of 16 + art education and 3 yrs of degree art education) to properly enjoy creating and know what i want to do. I should have been using textiles this whole time. It may have taken a while to realise but it was worth it, because now i'm so happy.

So now im knitting, crochetting, quilting, sewing, embroidering (is that a word?) and learning new things all the time.

So many things and so little time to try and do them all in. Along with writing my dissertation! And going to work, if only i could cut that one out ;)

Stay tuned for images of my WIPs and possibly failures as well as successes.

For a start, here's a success... I love to bake!!

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