Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Sense of Achievement

This is a picture of my feet and half of the apron (i folded it in half cos it wouldnt all fit in the picture) i have finally made based on a design in a japanese craft magazine. I've been wanting to make one of these, with big handy pockets, for ages but the first attempt looked awful and there were several not good starts along the way.
But this is probably the best thing i've ever made. Its far from perfect, but i've learnt so much from it and would be happy to make more, hoping they would be even better. i can't wait to make more exciting things and presents for my friends!

I love the elephants!!

Other than this i have been trying to write my dissertation too, which has been going ok. Though i feel increasingly tired of it, and yesterday, thanks to my internet access being cut, instead of writing i made the apron.

So at the moment i am worrying about my dissertation, my PGCE interview in mid april, what i will wear to said interview and my living situation. I've come to the decision that it is what you make it, whatever that may be.

Thank god I have got the most wonderful boyfriend ever. Who is home on friday! YAY!

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