Monday, 20 July 2009

A wonderful weekend away

Back to the world of the internet and lists of things to do after a wonderful break up in Southwold. It may only be an hour up the road from us but it's a world apart when it comes to everyday life! We stayed in a friend's mobile home for a few days which was really comfortable and much nicer than the tent we had last year at Latitude Festival!

Luckily we missed out on any rain that did make an appearance but there wasn't much! We walked up into Southwold for a look around and a drink in the Sole Bay Inn on Friday afternoon. We took lots of photos and perused the shops.

I had a lovely half pint of Aspalls outside the Sole Bay Inn and enjoyed the view across St James' Green to the sea.

We walked up to the Harbour Inn for dinner after much listening to the cricket on my Roberts Radio. Chris' fish and chips came to the table wrapped in paper like a takeaway, saved on the washing up I suppose! Back to the van in time to miss the rain and finish off the night listening to the radio.

Saturday we popped over to Walberswick on the ferry and had a spot of elevenses at the Parish Lantern. We were sharing our tea and cakes with lots of Sparrows eager to pinch our crumbs and help themselves to our left overs even when they were still on our plates! They were cheeping at us as if to say 'save some for us! we're hungry too!' Clever little things, they must hang out there all day getting easy pickings!
It was after that we discovered Fair Enough, featured in my previous post.

After that we headed up into Southwold to buy presents, have lunch and visit the pier. That wore us out! We bought lots of lovely gifts and a few bits and pieces for ourselves. Unfortunately Chris didn't get to see the water clock working again because it was running 30 minutes fast and had just gone past the hour.

The water clock on Southwold pier 'comes alive' on the hour and half past the hour when the water runs through the mechanism and the clock starts to work it's magic! I won't spoil the surprise incase you've never seen the Southwold Pier Clock but it's definitely worth seeing. As long as your luck is better than Chris'! It didn't work last time we went because it was so windy!

After lots of shopping we went back to the van and fell asleep listening to the cricket. We popped up to Mark's fish and chip shop for tea and then played Connect 4 and Scrabble. I was on good form, winning a lot at Connect 4 and managing to beat Chris at Scrabble for the first time ever. I think he was tired and wasn't reaching his full potential hehe!

After lots of game playing it was time for bed and then packing up and coming home. What a splendid time we had, very relaxing and we didn't really miss electricity. We had the radio for the cricket and radio 4 and each other. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

You must have felt like you had been away for ages. Haven't they done a great job on the Pier. I'd love to have some of my products for sale on the Pier, I am just waiting to hear from the buyer.

Jess's Blog of Wonder said...

You're things would be great on the pier, though I reckon mine would too haha! The pier is wonderful we had lots of fun looking in the shop up the end. And I love Tinkers at Walberswick too!

Jo said...

Southwold is just gorgeous isn't it? We were at Latitude too last year, then spent a few days on holiday around there. The pier is just so off the wall! Seem to remember some gorgeous craft shops there too and great beer :)Unfortunately, we live in Devon, so it takes an age to get there, so it might be a while before we're back. Love your fondant fancies by the way.

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